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Sample Resume Format

Sample Resume Format

Your Name Here
9876 Home Street
Any City, State 12345
(123) 345-6789

OBJECTIVE - The type of position you are seeking, the type of organization you are seeking it in and the skills you want to use on the job.

SUMMARY - • Use this section to draw together common themes in your resume and/or to indicate a certain number of years evidencing a particular skill.
• This section is not necessary but can be used to mention special skills or attributes that don't fit neatly under one particular category.

EDUCATION - Bachelor of Arts Expected Date of Graduation
Concordia University, St. Paul, MN

EXPERIENCE - Position Title Date-Date
ABC Company, City, State
• Begin bullet statements with action verbs.
• Emphasize the skills that you developed not only the tasks that you preformed.
• Remember that you never use I, me, or my on your resume because they are assumed.
• When formatting your experience think about which is more important, your position title or the company you worked for.

Position Title Date-
Company Name , City, State
Another type of format is to type a paragraph of information describing your skills. This format, while still used, is not as popular as bulleted statements.

• Indicate any computer skills, especially related to your major or career field to which you are entering. Also, be sure to add your level of expertise. Mention that you attend a laptop university.

• Enter any language skills or other skills that would be useful to your major or career that are not mentioned elsewhere on your resume.


• Add any honors, awards or scholarships indicating dates when you received them.

• Include "Dean's List", if applicable but indicate the number of semesters.


• Add any student organizations that you have been involved in, the dates you have been involved in them and any leadership roles you have had in them.

• Example: Any Student Organization, 1998-Present: President, 2000-2001

REFERENCES - Available upon request. (It is no longer common to see this section on a resume. Use it only if you need to add length to your resume.

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