Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Accounting Resumes

Sample Accounting Resume

An accounting resume should reflect education qualification in the accounting fields and necessary work experience. Most important is following a good resume structure. Your resume structure should follow like this:

• Objective in searching for a new accounting job
• Contact Details
• Educational Qualifications
• Overall job experience in the Job Summary
• Your Past Work Experiences

As an applicant you need to study the requirements of the job position offered You need to put relevant but well-worded information into each of the above mentioned parts, so that those reading your resume, are able to capture information about you quickly.

Your objective in searching for a new job must be written in an impressive manner. When you put down your contact details, use list them out and use spacing between each line, so that the person reading your resume can quickly contact you for a call.

In the job experience summary section highlight areas relevant to the demands specified in the job advertisement. By doing this you can bring notice to your resume and also show the level of interest that you have in applying for the job. Resume that are sent just like that, without any co-relation to the skills required for the job are ejected outright, even though if the person has considerable experience.

Resume should be short and crisp, with adequate project details. All your achievement in the projects handled by you should be state out clearly in your past project experiences. Use words like accelerate, manage, re-organize, evaluate, revamp, review and establish when you bring out your experiences as such words will get you noticed.

Give your resume a professional touch by writing it out in a neat and organized style. Resume structure should catch attention of the HR person to whom you are sending it as based on how well you impress them, you will be called for an interview. Important accounting skills and project handled should be highlighted to call in their attention through the resume. This will give them a clear view at a glance on how much knowledge you have in accounting work and your capabilities in diligently handling your work responsibilities.

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