Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Acting Resumes

Sample Acting Resumes

In the entertainment world, the most important requirement is experience. Therefore your Acting Resume should highlight your acting experience so for….. Be it on stage or in television serials.

Give your resume a good structure as doing this will impress person looking into it. Your resume structure should follow like this:

• Objective in gaining the acting role for
• Contact Details
• Educational Qualifications
• Overall acting experience in Job Summary
• Your Past Work Experiences

How well you bring out your past acting experience is what is going to strike people reading your resume. So, bring out your role in brief, but well-worded explanations. The rating of the serials or shows that you have acted for should be stated. The length of your resume must be one page and an appropriate font must be used for readability.

If you work has been with the theater, mentioning reviews for your theater work will make a good impression as this brings you out as someone with good acting talents. Include head shots in your resume by stapling them to the front of your resume. These shots should show your entire face and should be a little glamorous or even something from one of your the serials or shows that you have done, wherein your face is highlighted at its best.

Many actors study acting in acting schools and educational institutions dedicated to acting. These points should be highlighted in the resume along with achievements that you made while studying there. Special skills such as ventriloquism, dancing or singing abilities should also be mentioned as this makes you stand out for others who applying for acting positions.

One thing that many people applying for an acting job are seen to do is lie about their age and their work experiences, just to get a break or make an impression. It may be hard to get that first break, but don’t lie in your resume as this make success in your career all the more difficult. Get in touch with a credible acting agent and use their services, even if it is going to cost you a bit, to land good parts that do justice to your acting abilities.

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