Thursday, June 12, 2008

Teachers Resumes

  1. Identification
    • Home address
    • College address (include zip code and phone number)
  2. Professional Objective
    • Non-specific approach - use the word "prefer", it leaves you open, i.e. "prefer to work in an educational setting". Be careful not to be too broad.
    • Specific approach - type of classroom or specific grade
  3. Education
    • Name of institution attended
    • Location (town, state)
    • Degree and when received
    • Areas of concentration (if you took courses which highlight your abilities, add them); or certification area
    • Other high points (dean's list, scholarships, excellence awards)
    • Cumulative average (optional, if consistent over the years)
  4. Student Teaching Experience
    • School System (start with most recent heading); location
    • Dates
    • Describe what each placement is all about.
    • Describe basic responsibilities (highlight 2 or 3) and duties performed.
    • What did you gain from each experience? What skills did you use?
  5. Career-Related Work Experience
    • Name of employer
    • Location
    • Dates
    • Duties and Responsibilities (use action verbs that highlight skills)
  6. Non-Career Related Work Experience (optional)
    • Same as above if you choose to separately describe each position.
    • Lump experience together as well as dates if you want to condense: e.g. 1982-85 - Performed various waitressing and cashiering jobs.
    • Be sure to highlight it if you have financed education by working part-time, i.e. work study, odd jobs, etc.
  7. Extra-Curricular Activities
    • University related activities and organizations
      • Name of organization
      • Your role (President, Treasurer, etc.)
      • Responsibilities (optional if they show skills you used)
    • Highlight your leadership experience and skills. They do not have to be solely university related.
    • Non-university activities and organizations
  8. Interests (indicates well-rounded individual)
    • Emphasize your education and experience in areas of particular interest to school districts. For example: coaching, multi-ethnic education, reading, remedial education, etc.
    • Emphasize special skills or abilities
  9. Credentials or References
    • Provided upon request
  10. Summary of Qualifications (may be included here or right after job objective. Suggest it be added after objective, but is optional)
    • Tie together what you feel that you have accomplished in the last four years
    • A personal touch
    • What are your assets
    • What your personal attributes are, i.e.:
      • interpersonal relations
      • dependability
      • communication skills
      • perseverance through student teaching experience
    • Do the job for the employer by highlighting abilities and qualifications in summary form.


  1. Student teaching experiences are of utmost importance.
  2. Education resumes can be two pages.
  3. Organization is important in resume format.
  4. Communicate effectively - no need to be flowery - stick to the point! No typing or spelling errors.
  5. Flexibility and willingness to relocate will be a big factor when seeking employment.
  6. Sample resume books are available for your perusal in the Career Center Resource Library and Reception Area. Come in any time to review them.
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