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Banking Resumes

Sample Banking Resumes

Banking services is growing beyond boundaries, Banks are the major financial service providers. The below format helps fresh graduates and experieced professionals to form their banking resumes as per the standards.

Can be used for job titles like: Branch Manager, Banking Center Manager (BCM), Service Center Manager, Collections Vice President, Consumer Lending Vice President, Consumer Loan Manager, Electronic Services Vice President, Lending Manager, Loan Servicing Vice President, Loan Systems Director, Financial Analyst, Securities Analyst, Investment Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Credit Products Officer, Operational Risk Analyst, Planning Analyst, Research Analyst


* Full name
* permanent Residence addresses
* Contact Phone Number
* Email address


Brief on your experience based knowledge in the field of banking services

For E.g.: banks functions as a payment agents by conducting checking or current accounts for customers, paying cheques drawn by customers on the bank, collection of cheques , depositing current accounts etc

Having a high experience of 4 years in the chequing account field, for the purpose of securely and quickly providing frequent access to funds on demand, through a variety of different channels.


Give a detailed explanation about your responsibilities in the field of banking, so that you can be sure that you made a better feel in the readers to feel that your are the best person for the job

* Mention the duties you did as a banking staff and the results you have received on the basis of your work
* Also do mention down the rewards you have attained, at the time of your work, for the best result of your work


* Mention your major responsibilities in your current company as per your work experience. E.g.: Coordinating activities Client Relationship Management, Banking Operations, Branch Management
* Give a glimpse of your previous work-related experience, skill and knowledge.

This section should have minimum of three educational details. Always try to give full details regarding your education including degrees and awards received. You can write details as below:

General studies, XYZ High School Major, year

Graduation, XYZ College, year

Masters, XYZ College, Year


If you have done any relevant courses for previous jobs, include them to beef up your credentials Mention any certifications done related to your degree, certifications related to advertising field.


Start with your most recent work experience at the top. Include all relevant or related experience, no matter how old. Avoid long gaps when you write your work history. If you have large gaps, try to cover up with a brief description of any kind of related job or experience during that time you did. If you’ve had many job changes in short span, be sure to explain why, e.g. it was a contract job, relocation Etc. Never blame your previous employer or previous job as you could be viewed as someone who is difficult to please, even if your arguments are legitimate.

You can use the below template to describe your work experience.

Tenure Company Name Designation


Operations Management

Brief about the knowledge you have in handling the entire operations of the branch.

Branch Management

Your resume should cover about your abilities and methods of showing, your skill to work in as a group and as well as leading one. It should also show your problem solving abilities.

Client Relationship Management

Briefly mention about your customer handling abilities and your relationship with customer to gain a good business.


List all your significant activities you did as a student and communal activities including organizations, student government, sports, and professional affiliations. Use action items to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments you did.

Use Keywords: Use extensively advertising related keywords and action items to describe your skills and accomplishments. Few Action Items as below can be used when constructing your statements:

Balance Enquiry | Cheque status | Security balance in Demat account | De-register from mobile banking | Procurement | Insurance | Insolvency | budgeting |

Sample Banking Resume

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